Want to see what Ares Builder can do?

We split the Ares team into groups to make our own websites using only the tools available, basic knowledge, and the few minutes of spare time each day we could wring out of our schedules. Here’s what we came up with.


T-Shirt Heaven

A simple t-shirt shop with a flat design and prominent slideshow, all while utilizing the default Ares template. Minimalistic designs are in this year!


North West Fashion

A fashion clothing website using the Affiliate Plan. All the products are from Amazon, but the website will get a cut of each item sold. Features scrolling sidebars and shifting large picture background.


The Kingdogs

A website for a local cover band. The home page contains a video and selected audio clips for visitors to sample. Check out the dynamic background on this one.


Threads Assemble!

Another t-shirt site, but this one is super hero themed! The Contact Us page makes use of a handy contact form so no one had to give out a personal email address.


The Fender Stratocaster

This one is both an ecommerce website and an information resource about classic guitars. It uses one of our packaged themes and shows how much room you have to customize.


Outdoorsman Adventures

An online shop for those with an enthusiasm for nature. This website combines a packaged theme with one of our simpler themes so that the products are set up in a crisp, organized layout.